Monday, September 22, 2008

All-College Hike week!!

This past week we had the All-College Hike on Wednesday. Yay for no classes! I took a nap during CIS 210's classtime. This weekend I went out to Cedarville, OH to visit my boyfriend Ben who goes to Cedarville University. He is a senior majoring in business finance, and he tried to help me write my program that is due Monday. He took programming in high school but was pretty clueless. Although he did try to help.
Anyways, once I got back to Greenville I worked on the program and then went andgot help on Monday morning. Hopefully next week's assignment I will be able to do all on my own.
It's hard for me to really get into this class, because I don't really see where I will use it. I guess I just don't understand why math ed majors have to take programming. Oh wells. It is exciting when you finally get a program written; I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully things will get easier!

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