Sunday, November 2, 2008

Already November

The time is flying by. I can't believe that cross country season is practically over. I got to run in the last race yesterday, conference. I wasn't happy with my race, but I was happy that I was able to race. I am coming off a stress fracture in my tibia and this year's time of 27:59 was almost heart-breaking compared to last year when I came in at 24:48. But I am coming off an injury so I am grateful for the chance to get out there and run with my team.
My parents came into town for the meet on Saturday, and we had a great time. They stayed at the B&B and I was able to go over there for breakfast this morning, which was delicious. We then went to the Missouri Botannical Gardens. It was such a gorgeous day outside! 70* in November? Who woulda thunk? Then they dropped me off at the symphony that I had to attend for my fine arts class. It was a good experience, but made for a long day.
I have been working on the program tonight and I just keep getting more and more confused. My notes tend to confuse me as I know what I'm writing when I write it, but then I can't remember what goes where and all when it goes to actually writing the program. Honestly, I am ready for this class to be done with. It is a nice break from math, but I am ready to be back doing stuff I understand and makes sense to me and is applicable. Anyways, I will probably be in for help at some point tomorrow. Unless the program elves come write it for me tonight.
Speaking of elves, Christmas is coming!! Yay! I'm a Christmas fanatic!!

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