Monday, November 17, 2008

fun weekend

This weekend I went to Ohio again to visit my boyfriend. We went shopping and made Christmas cookies and it got me really excited for Christmas and Thanksgiving, especially for the time off school. I was so happy that I got my program done before I even left so that I didn't have it looming over my head all weekend. This week is a pretty awesome week because a lot of my classes are cancelled and cross country is officially over, so I don't have practice for the next 2 weeks. Of course, after that track will start up, but it is really nice to have 2 weeks of relaxation. Also, I have my last week of field experience this week as well.Today when I was filling out the "Intent to return" survey, I was noting the format, and thinking to myself, "I could probably make something like this!" So, I saw a real-life application of the skills we are learning. Grrrrrrrrrreat!

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